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Would you like your own e-mail address? Well, now is your chance. Even if you do not have a computer or Internet account, you can use this e-mail address to give to your friends and associates and we will print out the message on paper and arrange delivery of your e-mail to you in the village.

This offer is only open to residents of Swallowcliffe Village and members of the Computer Club (under special circumstances non-residents may have an e-mail address. Please e-mail us or call us on 01747 858 000 if you would like an address but are not a resident.)

Please complete the form. Boxes marked with * are required information.

E-mail address
An e-mail address is a unique name which allows other e-mail users to send you messages. Usually your address will be something like:

Choose a name you like and also supply us with 2 alternatives in case your first choice has been taken by someone else.

Your username is used by the e-mail software on your PC or Mac to identify your account. This, in conjunction with your password ensures that only you can download your e-mail

You must supply us with the password you wish to use for your e-mail account. Make sure it is something you will remember and something hard for friends (or enemies) to guess!

*Do you live in Swallowcliffe:
yes no
*Preferred Address:
Second Choice:
Third Choice:
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