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Wilbury Barn, Home to Cravenplan

Cravenplan Computers Limited
Wilbury Barn

Tel: 01747 858 000
Fax: 01747 858 010

E-mail: mail@cravenplan.co.uk
Web site:

Previously a dairy farm, now converted to a design studio, home and some luxury cottages.

Cravenplan Computers Limited
Wilbury Barn

Cravenplan are more than a web design company, and we give you more than just a design company can. We understand the competitive market of the Internet, and realise the strategies required to keep a modern business ahead of the competition in this field.

Unlike most web design companies we have our own products that have been marketed via the Internet - our experience speaks stronger than others' hypothesis.

Cravenplan can devise an integrated Internet marketing strategy for your company, from a small scale site to a large corporate e-commerce site.

Cravenplan has a team of Web designers available for short or long term projects.

The company was originally founded by Christopher Stanbury as a bespoke software house specialising in both PC MAPPER and MAPPER C. His knowledge and experience in this field is such that he has been described as the leading expert in PC MAPPER in this country.

Cravenplan can supply the cream of MAPPER programmers as well as contractors in other programming languages such as Cobol, Oracle, Visual Basic and many more.

We have recently been appointed agents for Unisys Cool-Ice electronic commerce enabling software for the Internet.

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