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  • anything legal: equipment, toys and games, cars, bikes and caravans
  • you must live in the Swallowcliffe area

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Property section...

We are heavily promoting these pages in regard to selling property in the area.

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Any items for sale in the local area can be found on this page
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  property section

property section
We have a specialised property section which we promote to a wide audience in the UK and abroad, so it's an ideal place to put your property up for sale, or for you to find that ideal home.


Items currently for sale...


Whole or half, cut to your spec. Grazed in the village or nearby, native rare breed, limited supply + old fashioned taste.

Jaci & Robert Baker
North Cottage
Tisbury Row


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Toshiba 51WH46p with a 51 inch screen
Rear Projection TV


To make an enquiry...

  • daytime telephone
    01747 870752
  • evening telephone
    01747 870752

Kawasaki GTR1000

  • second hand
  • 1995
  • A7 model
  • 43,000 miles
  • Two brand new tyres (cost over £200)
  • MOT till June 2005

Last 25,000 miles with me (Senior IAM instructor) 110 bhp - replaced carb tops and exhausts (after 1990 the power output of Kawasaki GTR was reduced to 91bhp). The best all round sports / tourer - great for touring. Superb weather protection. Huge luggage capacity (the largest panniers I have ever seen). Vastly under-rated (not for nothing that this model is so popular with motorcycle instructors).

Located in Wiltshire


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Gilbern Invader

  • Includes clock and fuel guage
  • Most switches included (not window switches)
  • Needs re-varnish


To make an enquiry...

Gilbern Invader
Gearbox + Overdrive

  • Untested but believed working
  • Should also fit Reliant Scimitar


To make an enquiry...

Gilbern Invader

  • Poor paintwork
  • Fibreglass is sound


To make an enquiry...

Shredded paper

  • Ideal for horse bedding or protective packaging
  • Collection necessary
  • Regular supplies available


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