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This booklet is available for only £3.00
Please contact Ralph Husband

01747 871609

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The Charters & Churches of Swallowcliffe
By Margaret Staniforth, Stephen Jenkins and Shelagh Smith and Ralph Husband

This booklet includes:

A short introduction by Margaret Staniforth.

Extracts from "Swallowcliffe before the Norman Conquest" 1972 by Stephen Jenkins - Features the following sections..

  • Translation of the Charter
  • Place Names
  • The Charter Bounds
  • Edmund and the Attestors

The Charter Language by Shelagh Smith

Insights into late Saxon Swallowcliffe by Margaret Staniforth.

The Charter of 1339, The fair on the feast of St Peter and St Paul at Swallowcliffe by Margaret Staniforth.

The Churches of St Peter in Swallowcliffe - Includes a computer interpretation of the old St Peters church, before it was demolished. Also architectual plans of the old and new St Peters Church.
By Ralph Husband.

Swallowcliffe Church - Was Moffatt the Architect? by Ralph Husband.

Flooding of the original St Peter's Church, Swallowcliffe by Ralph Husband.

Volume 2, published in 2002, included a detailed listing made by residents of all the flora and fauna identified in Swallowcliffe in the year 2000, and also included a variety of articles, written by residents, including:

* An aeroplane that landed in 1913, 400 yards from the Village Hall.
* A history of two families in the centre of Swallowcliffe, one of which founded the pub.
* A 1000 years of our bit of the A30.
* The origin of the name of a public house the "Cribbage Hut".

These booklets are available for only £3.00
Please contact Ralph Husband
Tel: 01747 871609©2001
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