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Anne Ralphs

The below interviews were taken by 2 work experience boys in July 2009


A resident of Swallowcliffe 'Anne Ralphs' was interviewed on the 10th July 2009. I begin by asking her about the history of Swallowcliffe, she knew a lot about Swallowcliffe, she told me that in the 1100's, Swallowcliffe became the name of this place because of how many swallows that nested on 'Green Sand Hill', also on 'Chalk Hill', where there is believed to be a buried 'Saxon Princess!' So that means the Swallowcliffe dated back even to the time of the Saxons. Anne Ralphs moved to Swallowcliffe in 1995, 14 years ago. I asked her many questions like this throughout the interview. Some businesses in Swallowcliffe are called, Cravenplan, Shave & Shave, Ken Brockway landscaper and many more, including people working from home. Anne also knows a fair bit about the local buildings in Swallowcliffe like the church, the manor house and the Cruckhouse.

Anne Ralphs believes that the best thing about Swallowcliffe is the peace and quiet. She would recommend people to live in Swallowcliffe because it is a quiet place with wonderful countryside. However, at the moment there is a lack of community spirit and feels that Swallowcliffe has a divided community.

Anne thinks that the Marie Curie cancer care is the best charity, because without it, we wouldn't have discovered radiology. Anne has been a frequent donor since the age of 18 years old.

Anne has been on the Swallowcliffe website, she feels that the heart of Swallowcliffe is the tiny triangle where the bus stop is, but she feels that people wise, there is no heart.

She has many hobbies including walking, going to theatres, reading books, watching TV, gardening, spending good quality time with her family and friends. She has had cats all her life, she has two cats called 'Dusty' after 'Dusty Springfield', and 'Millie', after 'Millicent Martin'. Anne, when she was a child, always wanted to be a nurse. Finally she said she enjoyed meeting and speaking with me and she has no further comments to say about Swallowcliffe.

This was a very interesting interview because it was nice to see how a member of Swallowcliffe's community can come and talk about Swallowcliffe, and the history about Swallowcliffe was absolutely fascinating, I didn't know so much history could be in such a small community.

written by Liam Akpan


Anne Ralphs
A Swallowcliffe resident

I interviewed Anne Ralphs at Cravenplan Computers for the Swallowcliffe website as part for my work experience.

Anne Ralphs has been a resident for 14 years when she moved here in 1995. She takes an active role in her local community, and society as a whole as Anne is part of the Swallowcliffe society and is on the committee of the village hall and also shows a keen interest in history and the effects of it on modern politics and Global warming,
Anne enjoys attending the theatre in London, reading books, walking, gardening and spending time with her family.

When she was a child through to a young teenager Anne wanted to be a nurse but went off the idea, instead going to university to train to become a teacher and then taught for 2 years before becoming a Macmillan publisher, a barrister for 20 years and finally a part time judge and still is, showing how much she thinks it's important to pass things back to the community and the future generations.

Then I asked Anne a rather off topic question but which I think emphasizes the sort of person she is 'what would you spend one million pounds on?' She replied that she would give half of the money to charity and then she would pay off the mortgages of her nieces and nephews and any money left she would buy a new caravan.

Anne feels sad that the Royal Oak pub is currently closed and hopes that it will be re opened with huge potential for being a first rate pub.

If Anne had a choice about what new business would be set up in Swallowcliffe she would like to see a small business similar to the IT sector or a small business from the craft sector that is a highly skilled profession.

Anne has two cats one a tabby called Dusty after Dusty Springfield the singer and the other a black and white cat called Millie after Millicent Martin another singer.

To end of the interview I asked Anne if she knew an interesting fact about Swallowcliffe. She told me how the name of Swallowcliffe came about telling me how the swallows used to nest in the green sand hill hence the name Swallowcliffe.

written by John Wilkinson

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