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Trevor and Jo Grant at the Macmilan coffee morning
Trevour and Jo Grant at the Macmillan coffee morning organised by Jo

Trevor and Jo Grant

Trevor and Jo Grant moved to the village in 1999 from Alderbury. They share their home in Swallowcliffe with one of their two sons, Matt, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 5 goats (though the goats don't technically live in the house) Trevor's hobbies include, playing golf, caring for their garden, walking their dogs up on the Swallowcliffe Downs and going to the Royal Oak. Jo's interests are being a guide for Salisbury Cathedral, walking the dogs, looking after the animals, her family and entertaining friends. Jo is also the the village rep for the Macmillan cancer relief charity, to view pictures of the most recent event, please click here.

They were both first attracted to the village by their beautiful home but then also by the outstanding views of the Downs and general beauty of the village.

Since their arrival to the village, Trevor and Jo both feel Swallowcliffes' merits are its very friendly and sociable residents, its lovely pub and the overall attractiveness of the village and surrounding areas.

Their favourite moment whilst living in Swallowcliffe so far for both of them, was the joint 60th birthday party Trevour shared with fellow Swallowcliffe resident Tim, in which all the villagers were invited for drinks and a fork supper in the Royal Oak. For pictures of the event please click here

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