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Ralph Husband

Ralph Husband moved to the village in 1995 with his wife June, "I moved here because I thought it was completely dead" However on moving to the village "the considerable amount of activity has demonstrated that it is not actually dead". Ralph (now retired) and his wife June moved to Swallowcliffe from Andorra, a small state between Spain and France.

Since being in the village, Ralph has enjoyed being part of the Swallowcliffe Society and has published a great deal of information on the history of the village. Other hobbies and interests include genealogy and castle ditches - Swallowcliffes very own iron age fort and a few other things as well.

When asked what he would miss most about Swallowcliffe if he had to move away, Ralph said he would miss the open countryside and the easy pace of the village though. His favourite time of year in Swallowcliffe being the spring and summer. He also believes that "the village will change a lot in the next 10 years"

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