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Stephen & Vicky Postlethwaite

Tel: 01722 714786


Stephen & Vicky Postlethwaite

Living on the eastern edge of Swallowcliffe, Stephen & Vicky Postlethwaite are busily occupied with period fairgrounds and decorative painting. What started as a hobby has, over their 28 year partnership included numerous projects from restoration of the 40 ton last travelling Spinning Top Switchback down to a set of carbon-arc lamps that were the first electric lamps to be seen on the streets in the 1850's and widely used on the fair.

During the summer months they operate some of the restored items at shows and are in demand for creating scenes for TV & films. They have been custodians of one of the top fair-organs in the country for the past 25 years, it is a 98 key Marenghi owned by Anderton & Rowlands.

In the winter Stephen is kept busy on renovation and maintenance and Vicky with decorative painting (above). Vicky trained at art college and in wood graining and marbling - both the realistic type and the wildly exaggerated fairground variety.

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