lunch club.... Villagers sit down to a two course meal.
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The lunch club
  • 2nd Wednesday of each month
  • 12.00pm start time
  • Only £3.00 per head
Just pop along. To make an enquiry by email please click here

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lunch club

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Swallowcliffe Lunch Club is held on the 2nd Wednesday
of each month (excluding August).

  • Great opportunity to meet old friends and newcomers alike.
  • Villagers sit down to a two course meal.
  • Meals prepared by the local school.
  • The meals are extremely good value and enjoyed by all.
  • Coffee served after the meal

Only £4.50 per person.

The lunch club meets regularly on the second Wednesday of each month (with the exception of August) at the village hall. It has now been going for over 20 years and is one of the most successful of its kind in the area. Set up to provide older persons, those living alone, mothers with young children and voluntary helpers the opportunity to meet at a monthly lunch, it is valued for the social contact it provides within the community.

To share the work and responsibility and to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the occasion, 3 teams each working 3 months in succession organise the lunch. You may be willing to help.

The lunch club is supported financially by the Wiltshire Social Services and is provided in conjunction with the South Western Hotel in Tisbury.

To avoid the Treasurer having to pay surplus lunches a phone call by the previous Monday is appreciated when Members cannot attend. Vegetarian meals can be arranged.

The A.G.M. is held over coffee in May.

Extras are provided by the proceeds of the monthly raffle. The special Christmas Lunch with our guests is popular too. Donations of prizes for all raffles are gratefully received.

Each month the lunch club provides an occasion for the village hall 50/50 Club Draw (to raise funds for hall maintenance)


Swallowcliffe lunch club welcomes new members

If you would like to join us please contact:
The Treasurer, Pauline Rose, 01747 870374
Or any other member of the committee...

Chairman, Anne James, 01747 870410
Secretary, Sally Boothby, 01747 871286

Team Leaders: Anne James, Janet Fenton/Sally Boothby, Jo Grant

Raffle: Mary Hinxman

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