music evenings...reguarly held evenings of live entertainment.
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Music evenings are held regularly in the village;
An evening of acoustic guitar and singing

Doors open: 19:30

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music evenings

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played on:

Friday 21st October 2005


played on:

Saturday 8th October 2005

Beltaine and Foo Foo
played on:

Saturday 10th July 2004


The Mill Singers
played on:

Saturday 6th March 2004

The Mill Singers were formed in 1994 in the Sturminster area. This male voice choir have a wide repertoire and enjoy singing in a relaxed and congenial atmosphere while aspiring to a high standard of performance.

The Hudson Quartet
played on:

11th October 2003

The Hudson Quartet are a group of young talented ,musicians who have recently played a set at the Larmer Tree festival and we are now lucky enough to welcome them to our village hall.


Pete Christie
played on:

05th April 2003

An acoustic guitar-playing singer/songwriter who has been playing the south of England both as a solo performer and also in various bands for over 20 years.

To learn more about Pete Christie visit his Web page at



Foo Foo & The Boy
played on:

12th October 2002

A fabulous evening was had by all who attended. No one could keep their feet still as Lisa and Jan kept us amused and entertained all evening. Foo Foo & the Boy are from Dorset and have been providing an antidote to hum drum all over the south west. Difficult to define but easy on the ear. Foo Foo bring you soul stirring harmonies with well crafted lyrics performed with provocative humour.

To learn more about Foo Foo visit their Web page at

played on:

18th May 2002

Beltaine have been together for about three and a half years. They began as a four piece (fiddle, bass guitar, flute and mandolin) and later gained Dan, the drummer, lost the mandolin player and gained Julien, the piano accordionist!

Although all music is based on traditional music or music in a traditional style, Beltaine enjoy adding deeper, rock/funk rhythms to make the music both easy to dance to and more accessible to a wider audience.

Kirsten Winter
Chris Peirce
played on:

23rd February 2002

Mellow & soulful to lively & energetic…
We have an eclectic repertoire, from which we select to suit the occasion. As well as playing jazz standards and blues, we draw on material by artists such as Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Bill Withers, Janis Joplin, Dire Straits, Sting, Isaac Guillory, Tuck & Patti and Kirsty MacColl, which we reinterpret in our own way. Our individual interpretation of a range of material creates a unique acoustic, natural sound.

Ten Strings and a Bow
Played on:

20th October 2001

An evening of acoustic guitar and violin with Iain and Martine.


Blues, Ragtime and the Evolution of Swing
played on:

14th July 2001

An evening of acoustic jazz, tracing the evolution of popular music a hundred years. Including songs by Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday as well as familiar favourite such St. James Infirmary, St Louis Blues. Performed by Karin Karian- jazz singer, Susie James and Emma Watkins- vocals and Maxwell Steer and William Ashworth- piano.



played on:

12th May 2001

Sophistic-sax are a saxophone quartet playing everything from Bach through Gershwin and early madrigals to rock.




Serafina Steer
played on:

3rd Febuary 2001

Serafina Steer first asked to learn the harp at the age of seven while she was a student at the Centre for Young Musicians. Sarafina is now a student at Trinity Collage of Music, London.



The Cornel Music Group
played on:

14th October 2000

The group, which was originally formed from members of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra has travelled through Britain performing at music clubs, arts centres, festivals, historic houses and theatres.


Nick Crump and
Tim Laycock
Played on:

26th May 2000

Nick and Tim play folk music from around Britain. They play a wide variety of instruments including concertina, melodeon, recorders, Uilleann pipes (Irish bagpipes), serpent and recently invented "bog horn".


Jason Carter
played on:

30th October 1999

Jason plays classical and Flamenco guitar - he has played in USA, Mexico, Europe, Israel and Asia. He has recorded 9 albums and has appeared on ITV, BBC, Channel 5 as well as TV shows in many other countries.

To learn more visit his Web page at


Cathy Stevens and Udo Dzierzanowski
played on:

3rd July 1999

Our aim is to perform music that can touch people from widely diverse backgrounds, in settings ranging from bars and community centres to art galleries and concert halls. The music is rich in variation of colour and texture, sometimes simple and lyrical, with a Celtic folk influence, sometimes intricately polyrhythmic and at other times more stridently rock oriented, though often with a touch of Bartok. We feel honoured to have been compared on occasions with the Kronos Quartet and the Penguin Café Orchestra. On the other hand, our sound and style are quite unique.

We have released two CDs: “The Starving Moon” in 1995, with Alessandro Bruno (Guitar) and “Lemon Crash” in 2000 with Alessandro Bruno and Markus Reuter (Touch Guitar).

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