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Nadder Oil Buyers Club

The Nadder Oil Buying Club was set up in 2012 to provide users of heating oil in the Nadder valley with more competitively priced domestic heating oil.  Since then it has grown from a handful of members to over 230; as a result, prices are substantially lower than the oil companies will normally charge for an individual delivery. Recent changes to the software now mean that a member can help someone without access to the internet by listing a second tank on their entry.

The group currently comprises 230 homes, Village Halls, Churches, Businesses and Public buildings in the area near Salisbury, within a 15 mile radius of Compton Chamberlayne. 

Over the last twelve months, the monthly order has averaged 20,000 litres. Though, in the last three months, that has risen to over 30,000 litres.  The order in December 2014 was for 47,500 litres at 39.5p per litre plus VAT across 66 addresses.

This is how it works:

If you have registered your details with www.nadder.oilbuyingclub.com  you will receive an email around the 10th of the month asking if you need oil delivered by the end of that month.  If you need oil, respond with the quantity, if you do not need oil, ignore that month’s emails and reminders.

On the 20th of the month negotiations take place with the oil suppliers to see which one is most competitive.  The winner receives a spreadsheet, showing the details of those who require oil.  Those who have ordered receive confirmation of the price and likely delivery date.  The oil is then delivered by the end of the month and the oil supplier invoices each delivery address direct.

The benefits are both cashflow and price.  First you need only order a minimum of 500 litres to benefit from the bulk purchase price and you could do that every month.  Secondly, purchasing a large quantity in a reasonably tight geographical area means a substantially lower price and fewer tankers on our roads.  Some people have said that they have been paying 75-78p per litre for automatic top ups!

Suppliers are generally happy for payment to be made on receipt of invoice though occasionally new suppliers will ask for payment in advance.

To take part, you need to register on www.nadder.oilbuyingclub.com where further information is available.  Before the application is confirmed, you need to provide:

  1. Your name and full postal address
  2. Contact phone numbers in case the oil company or the tanker driver needs to speak to you
  3. Any special instructions about delivering to your tank, such as the need for a small tanker, if access is limited

There are only two rules.  First, everything happens via nadder.oilbuyingclub.com and second, payment must be made on receipt of invoice.  New oil users always welcome, just send them the details of the website or forward this to them.

The service is completely free to use, the oil suppliers pay a small rebate to both the Nadder Oil Buying Club and also to oilbuyingclub.com.  Despite this we are 5% cheaper than Boilerjuice and were 14% cheaper in December 2014 and remember you pay the supplier direct.

The more members we have the lower the price

Richard Willan

or visit the website http://www.nadder.oilbuyingclub.com

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