Photography evening classes in Swallowcliffe - near Salisbury and Shaftesbury
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Serving the communities of Swallowcliffe, Tisbury, Fovant, Shaftesbury and Salisbury along with the surrounding areas in Wiltshire and Dorset.

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photography classes

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Photography Classes


Format and cost:

Each lesson is likely to be 45-60 mins instruction with examples - 30-45 mins practical - 10-15 minutes from guest photographer.
Cost £100 for course of nine lessons - to include notes - all the fees are being donated straight to Hope and Homes for Children.

Lessons will be on Mondays in Swallowcliffe Village Hall (near Tisbury) starting at 19:30 and finishing around 21:00

Info or bookings:

To find out more please call Chris on 01747 858016

To book a place send a cheque for £100 per person made out to "Hope and Homes for Children" to Chris Stanbury, Wilbury Barn, Swallowcliffe, Salisbury, Wilts, SP3 5QH


Lesson one (12/4/10):

Guest photographer - Sue Deegan

Types of / Choosing a camera - film, large format, digital, pocket, SLR
Basics - speed/aperture (f-stop) - how much light is available?
iso -
megapixals vs image sensor size vs lens quality + DPI (printing)



Lesson two (19/4/10):

Guest photographer - Fritz Curzon

Depth of field
Zoom / focal length / Macro
Choosing a lens



Lesson three (26/4/10):

Guest photographer - Becky Nixon

Composition / cropping - let the picture tell the story
Landscape / portrait / buildings / close up
Essential accessories (tripod + spare battery + spare memory card)



Lesson four (3/5/10):

Guest photographer - Bella West

Outdoor shoot (maybe bluebells)



Lesson five (10/5/10):

Guest photographer - Carolyn White

Autofocus + focus point
Metering including exposure compensation and white balance
Filters & other extras



Lesson six (17/5/10):

Guest photographer - Anthony von Roretz (Trinity Photography)

Flash and fill in flash
Other lighting
Indoor shoot



Lesson seven (24/5/10):

Guest photographer - Niki Nicolle

Software - uploading/editing/browsing
Breezebrowser Pro
jpg / bmp / tiff / raw
Exif info
Irfan view - free from



Lesson eight (31/5/10):


More software
Net Graphics Optimiser $29.99 (now discontinued) - Alternatives are: Reacompressor from ($39.95) or RealOptimizer from (about £20)
Paint shop pro X2 - £77 RRP or £58.28 at
Photoshop (various versions)
Making a web page
Resizing for email or web
360 degree panoramas



Lesson nine (7/6/10):

Guest photographer - Kit Fanner (On Location Events)

Backing up your photos
Making money from your hobby
Recap + Q & A session


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