Police bulletin... an update from the Tisbury & Mere department of the Wiltshire Constabulary.
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Police bulletin
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Community Bulletin
Produced at Tisbury by PC Mark Steele.


May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous New Year. May I also remind you that we will be working as usual every day over the festive period and will be there if you need assistance. We will also be on the look out for anyone who over indulges in festive alcoholic beverages and gets behind the wheel of a car. Please remember you are far more likely to have an accident if you have been drinking and you risk injuring or killing yourself, or even worse someone else. A driving ban until next Christmas will really make you cry into your left over turkey, I assure you.


I have been asked by a representative of the Wiltshire Youth Offending Teams to pass on a request for help. They are looking for volunteers to become 'Appropriate Adults' in cases involving juveniles in the Salisbury area. If a young person is arrested or for some reason detained at a Police Station and it is not possible for a parent or guardian to act as an appropriate adult a volunteer appropriate adult may be required. The role of an appropriate adult is to represent the young person whilst they are interviewed or dealt with. They are there to advise the young person, to ensure they are dealt with fairly and to assist with any communication problems. This role can be demanding, the young person may be frightened, uncooperative or even aggressive. All volunteers will be interviewed prior to being selected and there will be some training involved. If you are interested please contact Patrick Morse the Appropriate Adult Co-ordinator for Wiltshire on 01793-836660.


I have been made aware of two incidents recently whereby a dog being walked off the lead has brought down a deer. One occasion near Tisbury the deer had to be shot due to its horrendous injuries. The other deer was killed by the dog that brought it down. My reason for bringing this to your attention is twofold. Firstly you are committing an offence if your dog is not under control. I would suggest that if your dog is bringing down a deer it is not under control. Secondly, and more importantly, if your dog chases and brings down a deer it is very likely to do it again. Your dog probably does not know the difference between a deer and a sheep. If it brings down a sheep or even chases one you are committing an offence. What's more if a farmer catches your dog doing this he is entirely within his right to shoot the dog. It's not fair on the deer, the sheep or the dog. Please be careful. As a dog owner I know how excited they can get, it's your responsibility to keep them out of trouble.


ALVEDISTON 12th Thief smashed window of car on the drove but stole nothing. (PC Paul WILSON)
CHICKLADE 16th Thief drove into garage put petrol in and drove off without paying. (PC Mark STEELE)
DONHEAD ST. MARY 14th Thief stole yellow JCB hydraulic gun from Skipton lane. (PC Paul WILSON)
EAST KNOYLE - 5th Handbag stolen from car outside the church as owner tended to a grave. (PC Jerry WILKINS) 28th Vehicle removed without the owners permission during land dispute. (PC Jerry WILKINS)
FONTHILL GIFFORD - 4th Chainsaw stolen from insecure car in Stop Street as owner worked nearby. (PC Mark STEELE) 17th Following dispute between estranged couple female drove at male bouncing him off the bonnet giving him a bruised wrist. (PC Mark STEELE)
MAIDEN BRADLEY - 3rd Thieves entered estate yard but failed to gain entry to building. (PC Pete ROBINS) 3rd Ifor Williams hydraulic tipping trailer stolen from front garden. (PC Dave MILLS) 13th Hand bag stolen from insecure car parked outside owners house. (PC Dave MILLS)
MERE - 1st Thief attempted to enter garage but was thwarted by the door. (PC Graham BRIANT)
2nd Drunken yob ran at window of café causing it to crack. One yob arrested. (PC Pete ROBINS) 3rd Thief stole tool box from unlocked car in White Road. (PC Pete ROBINS) 4th Vandal spray painted messages across front of house in Spinners Way. (PC Graham BRIANT) 8th Male arrested for punching another male outside The Old Ship Hotel. (PC Graham BRIANT) Between 8th and 11th thieves cut open builders container with oxy-acetylene torch and stole power tools. (PC Pete ROBINS) 23rd Burglars broke into isolated barn and stole 7 Quad bikes from inside. (PC Jerry WILKINS) 23rd Thief entered Summerhouse which was under construction and stole electric cement mixer. (PC Pete ROBINS) 24th At 8pm on a footpath between Castle Hill Crescent and Bramley Hill a 60 year old man was overpowered by three males and robbed of his wallet. (PC Graham BRIANT) 27th Burglars broke into 'Costcutters' overnight and stole cigarettes and alcohol. (PC Pete ROBINS) 28th Male arrested for being drunk and disorderly outside The Old Ship. (PC Mark LITTLEWOOD) 29th Minor assault between two men at The Old Ship. (PC Pete ROBINS)
SEMLEY - 2nd Red 'Saracen' mountain bike stolen from outside house in Gutch Common. (PC Jerry WILKINS) 7th Burglar tried to force entry to premises on industrial estate but failed due to decent locks on the door. (PC Jerry WILKINS) 2nd Blue Fiat Uno stolen from outside The Benett Arms. Found nearby burnt out. (PC Jerry WILKINS)
STOURTON - 9th Burglar broke into house, searched rooms but left empty handed. (PC Dave MILLS)
9th Thief broke into garden shed but stole nothing. (PC Dave MILLS)
TEFFONT - 12th Thief smashed window of car on the Ox drove and stole a handbag. (PC Mark STEELE)
TISBURY - 2nd Male arrested for assault in Churchill Estate. (PC Graham BRIANT) 4th Blue minibus damaged in Weaveland Road, window smashed, tyres let down. (PC Steve PORTER) Between 3rd and 8th thieves broke into a lorry at industrial premises and attempted to 'hot-wire' it. Caused damage but failed to steal the lorry. (PC Steve PORTER) 6th Thieves stole Ford Transit skip lorry and trailer from industrial premises. The lorry was used to take away stolen property from another premises. Lorry later found abandoned near Swindon. (PC Steve PORTER) 3rd House burgled in Snow Hill during the day, antique clock stolen. (PC Mark LITTLEWOOD) 18th Male arrested at Tuckingmill having assaulted his elderly father. (PC Dave MILLS) 26th Burglar broke into house in Ladydown View and stole valuable clocks. (PC Mark LITTLEWOOD)
WILLOUGHBY HEDGE -18th Thief drove onto garage forecourt and having put petrol in drove off without paying. Vehicle described as a 'G' reg. beige Volvo. (PC Jerry WILKINS) 20th Thieves cut side curtain of lorry parked in layby west of Willoughby Hedge and stole property from inside. Driver asleep at the time. 26th Thieves broke into lorry in layby and stole property from within. (both PC Jerry WILKINS)

If anyone has any information about any of the above listed crimes please give us a ring at Tisbury or Mere. Your help could lead to the apprehension of offenders or the recovery of property. If you would prefer to pass information anonymously ring CRIMESTOPPERS.

TISBURY 01747-870203 / MERE 01747-860268
CONTROL ROOM 01722-411444 (24 hours)
CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111

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