Police bulletin... an update from the Tisbury & Mere department of the Wiltshire Constabulary.
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Community Bulletin
December 2006
Produced at Tisbury by PC Mark Steele.



Mark Littlewood and myself have now been put in post as The Tisbury Neighbourhood Policing Team.
We are currently preparing things to ‘go live’ on the 15th of January 2007.

The Tisbury Neighbourhood Police Team Area covers the following communities:
Ansty, Berwick St Leonard, Berwick St John, Charlton, Chicklade, Chilmark, Chicksgrove, The Coombes, The Donheads, The Fonthills, Fovant, The Hatches, Hindon, Higher Pertwood, Ludwell, Newtown, Ridge, Swallowcliffe, Sutton Mandeville, Tollard Royal, Wardour and West Tisbury.

We will be approaching all of the communities via Parish Councils over the next month or so to find out what problems that you have that we may be able to help you with.

I will also be routinely working on a Thursday evening at Tisbury Police Station and will open the Police Station between 1800hrs and 2000hrs. If you have a problem that you wish to discuss please feel free to drop in and talk to either myself or Mark. You can also e-mail either of us using the following e-mail addresses: mark.steele@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk or mark.littlewood@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk Once we have built up a picture of what the problems are we will do our very best to tackle them.

The Mere Neighbourhood Police Team is due to ‘go live’ in April 2007


Neighbourhood Watch was created in the mid 1980s and basically gave structure and a name to something that most of us do, or certainly should do as a matter of course. To what am I referring? Well, put simply it is looking out for yourself and your neighbours. Recently Neighbourhood Watch has become to some of you something menacing, something that takes up too much time and effort, something that is above and beyond the call of duty. So what can I do to help you to put some life back into Neighbourhood Watch? Neighbourhood Watch is NOT time consuming, it is NOT lots of work, it is NOT something that is beyond anyone’s call of duty. Neighbourhood Watch couldn’t be simpler and it benefits everyone involved. If you are asked to be a part of Neighbourhood Watch in your village please don’t discount it out of hand, give it some thought it really isn’t anything to worry about!


The Wiltshire Police is actively looking for more recruits for the role of PCSO. If you are unemployed (or unhappily employed and fancy a change) and think that working in your community (or someone elses community if you prefer) for that community have you considered working as a PCSO? To find out more you can log on to www.wiltshire.police.uk and check out the recruitment pages. There is also a PCSO recruitment awareness evening at Devizes on the 8th January 2007



Minor injuries only.
2nd 0757hrs. Wardour. Young girl knocked down by car.
2nd 1816hrs. A303 Mere. HGV hit by overtaking van.
6th 0743hrs. A303 Chicklade. 2 car shunt.
20th 0618hrs. A30 Fovant. Van into hedge.
23rd 1735hrs. B3095 Mere. Lorry jack-knifed. 2 cars collided in ensuing traffic chaos.

No injuries reported.
4th 1201hrs. A303 Chicklade. 3 car shunt.
6th 0831hrs. A350 Sedgehill. 4 car shunt.
9th 1821hrs. A303 Willoughby Hedge. 2 car shunt.
17th 1327hrs. A303 Stockton Woods. Car hit barrier.
17th 1526hrs. A350 East Knoyle. Car v HGV. 21st 0006. B3092 Mere. Car into hedge.
21st 0922hrs. B3092 Maiden Bradley. Car into hedge.
23rd 1614hrs. A303 Chicklade. Tank hit central barrier.
23rd 1717hrs. B3095 Mere. 2 cars collided.
27th 0739hrs. A350 Semley. 2 car shunt.



Beat Officers: PC Mark Steele &
PC Mark Littlewood
3rd Wallet removed from unlocked car in Swallowcliffe.
5th Gravel thrown by yob over parked car in The Quarry, Tisbury, window smashed.
6th Cash stolen from a barn at Sutton Mandeville.
8th Thieves stole scrap metal from a farmyard at Berwick St John.
10th Power tools stolen from farm at Donhead St Mary.
10th Two small trailers stolen from farm near Tisbury.
10th Power tools stolen from farm at Sutton Mandeville.
10th Attempt theft of diesel from farm at Swallowcliffe.
13th Outbuilding broken into, power tools stolen from farm in Chicksgrove.
14th A moron fired an air weapon at Fonthill Gifford Church causing numerous stained glass windows to break. Local youth arrested.
14th Farm equipment stolen from Berwick St John.
16th Male arrested on the A303 for drink driving.
16th 22 chicks stolen from poultry farm near Fovant.
18th Thief stole beer from the Co-op in Tisbury.
21st Young man punched holes in wall at address in Hindon following domestic row. Arrested.
22nd Shrubs stolen from house in Sutton Mandeville
23rd Woman assaulted by ex-partner in Donhead St Andrew. Complaint eventually dropped.
25th Three mindless youths wearing hoodies ran along The Avenue in Tisbury in the early hours throwing stones at windows. Four windows smashed.
30th House damaged by ladies ex-partner. Arrested.

Beat Officers: PC Pete Robins & PC Paul Scudds

2nd Male arrested in East Knoyle for drink driving.
5th Violent drug addicted male arrested in possession of a large carving knife in Mere.
6th Camera stolen from toilets at Stourhead whilst owner washed her hands. Moral? Be dirty.
10th and 20th Scrap metal stolen from yard at Semley.
10th Car broken into in Mere. Handbag stolen.
13th Window smashed in Castle Street, Mere.
16th House burgled in Mere. Builder’s equipment stolen.
16th House burgled in East Knoyle, jewellery stolen.
26th Attempt made to break into a car in Gasper.
27th Shoplifter in action at the Co-op.
28th Handbag stolen from car parked at Stourhead.
28th Attempt made to break in to hairdressers in Mere. Someone desperate for a trim perhaps?
28th Container broken into in Mere, power tools stolen.
29th Scrap metal stolen from yard at Charnage.
29th 4 mature Holly trees chopped down and stolen from Underhill. Years of growth undone by work- shy thief.
29th Number plates stolen from a car in Semley.
26th Woman from Kilmington arrested on suspicion of breaking a window.

And finally..

The Wiltshire Constabulary is undergoing changes as you may already be aware. Some things however, will not change. The willingness and desire to help and assist law abiding members of the public will always remain a priority for your local Police.

And finally finally..

May I take this opportunity, on behalf of all the officers and civilian staff at Tisbury and Mere, to wish all readers of this bulletin a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please take care in everything that you do and watch out for those icy roads. We will be working as usual over the Festive period in case you need our assistance. Handy tip if you do call us out – most of us function a lot better with a warm mince pie on board.


Wiltshire Police 0845 408 7000 24 hour number


Monday, Saturday & Sunday - CLOSED.
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday- 9.00am to 1.00pm. Thursday- 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 0930hrs until 1230hrs. Friday from 1600hrs until 1900hrs.
Saturday from 0800hrs until 1100hrs.Thursday and Sunday – CLOSED.

24 HOUR NUMBER 01380-735735. CRIMESTOPPERS 0800-555-111.


If anyone has any information about any of the above listed crimes please give us a ring at Tisbury or Mere. Your help could lead to the apprehension of offenders or the recovery of property. If you would prefer to pass information anonymously (rewards are available) ring CRIMESTOPPERS.

CONTROL ROOM 01722-411444
CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111


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