Police bulletin... an update from the Tisbury & Mere department of the Wiltshire Constabulary.
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Community Bulletin
Produced at Tisbury by PC Mark Steele.


A resident of Semley recently received an unsolicited letter from a so-called 'clairvoyant' living in Holland. Luckily for the recipient the 'clairvoyant' had seen a vision or something in which the good resident of Semley was going to receive a large amount of money. Furthermore the 'clairvoyant' was predicting that someone was going to come round and cause trouble for our friend in Semley and that she knew how this could be avoided. What a stroke of luck! I know that if I had received this news I would have immediately sent my money off to Madame Wotsername in Holland for the full details of my good fortune. What's that, send money……….well, yes, the dear old thing just requires a bit of cash to cover administration costs or something. Fair enough, quick where's my cheque book? Yippee I'm going to be rich, ha ha! Wait a minute; have I gone barking mad? Actually no, I haven't (not yet anyway). It is of course just another money making scam. Someone who can not or will not go out and get a real job, preferring instead to con money out of people like you and me. A similar scam was recently highlighted on the BBC 'Watchdog' programme so it's obviously nationwide. You have been warned.


The following items are now on sale at Tisbury Police Station. They can be purchased from Francesca our Enquiry Office person (Monday to Friday 0900hrs to 1300hrs).
If those days/times are inconvenient please contact me and we will sort something out.

SHED ALARMS (Can also be used as a personal attack alarm) £5
MULTI-FUNCTION ALARM (Can be used on sheds, trailers, vehicles etc) £8.50
WINDOW ALARMS (Easily fitted to most windows) £4
SAFECANS ( A good place for cash and valuables, ideal for the elderly or vulnerable) £4
ULTRA VIOLET PENS (For security marking property) 50P

The above are all easy to use crime prevention items. They don't dilute the fact that the most effective method of protecting your home and its contents is with a professionally installed burglar alarm.

Burglars do not like burglar alarms. It's as simple as that.


WPC Lucy DEAKIN has left temporarily to go on the traffic department for 6 months. She has been replaced on the Tisbury beat by PC Steve PORTER who has recently joined the Constabulary from the Metropolitan Police.


CHICKLADE - 25th Red Sierra drove from garage having failed to pay for petrol. (PC Mark STEELE)
CHILMARK - 9th Stable door forced overnight, horse tack stolen. (PC Mark STEELE)
DONHEAD ST ANDREW - 7th No parking sign broken and lock filled with glue. (PC Paul WILSON)
DONHEAD ST MARY - Thieves attempted to disarm burglar alarm at petrol station overnight by smashing it off the wall. Alarm activated and they left empty-handed. (PC Paul WILSON)
16th Petrol syphoned overnight from parked insecure car. (PC Paul WILSON)
KILMINGTON - 1st Isolated, unalarmed house burgled, antique clocks stolen. (PC Dave MILLS)
MERE - 4th Windscreen on parked car damaged by thrown ketchup bottle. (PC Graham BRIANT)
8th Washing machine stolen from storage area at holiday home site. (PC Pete ROBINS)
9th Insecure motor cycle removed from White Road. Later found burned on Recreation ground. (PC Pete ROBINS) 19th Stone outbuilding forcibly entered and power tools stolen. (PC Graham BRIANT)
16th Thief entered detached garage in Homefield and stole motorcycle helmets and leathers. (PC Pete ROBINS) 23rd Paintwork scratched on parked Audi with unknown implement. (PC Graham BRIANT)
SEDGEHILL - 23rd Building site store broken into, power tools stolen. (PC Jerry WILKINS)
SEMLEY - 19th During disco at the village hall several purses were stolen. (PC Jerry WILKINS)
STOURTON - 3rd Garage broken into at isolated cottage (burglar alarm off) power tools stolen. Thieves returned on the 9th this time the alarm was switched on and they left empty handed. (PC Dave MILLS)
TEFFONT - 15th Car window broken on drove, handbag stolen from under seat. (PC Mark STEELE)
TISBURY - 1st Pathway and gate damaged by paint. Person interviewed. (PC Mark LITTLEWOOD) 1st Cash stolen from house by visitor. Suspect interviewed. (PC Mark LITTLEWOOD)
2nd Female assaulted by estranged husband during dispute over daughter. (PC Mark LITTLEWOOD) 8th St.Johns Close, concrete block thrown at window damaging windowsill. (PC Steve PORTER)
12th Old Council Yard broken into, tools and paint stolen. (PC Mark LITTLEWOOD) 16th Drunk male entered public house and was abusive and threatening towards staff. Male interviewed. (PC Mark LITTLEWOOD) 22nd Female arrested for drink driving. 3 times the limit. (PC Mark STEELE)
WARDOUR - Farm worker stole three cheques from employer, made them out to himself and cashed them. (PC Steve PORTER) 18th Industrial drill stolen from building site. (PC Steve PORTER)
WILLOUGHBY HEDGE - White Volvo estate drove onto garage forecourt and left having failed to pay for petrol. (PC Jerry WILKINS)
ZEALS - Thieves entered tyre reclamation yard and syphoned diesel from 3 lorries. (PC Dave MILLS)

If anyone has any information about any of the above listed crimes please give us a ring. Your help could lead to the apprehension of offenders or the recovery of property. If you would prefer to pass information anonymously ring CRIMESTOPPERS - 0800 555 111.

Receive this bulletin by e-mail : mark.steele@wiltshire.police.uk. I am now past the 200 e-mail address mark and the goodies for number 200 were delivered to a lucky man in Stourton. The prize for number 300 will be just as exciting, so send me an e-mail and get on the list. I know there are more of you out there.

TISBURY 01747-870203 / MERE 01747-860268
CONTROL ROOM 01722-411444 (24 hours)
CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111

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