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Community Bulletin
November 2007
Produced at Tisbury by PC Mark Steele.



It’s about this time of the year when the huge behemoth that is Christmas has almost heaved into view that winter sets in. We have had several decent frosts and now as I write this the cold miserable rain is with us. Winter is here, let us rejoice in its all encompassing misery. Oops, sorry, what I meant to say was isn’t winter great! Autumn has left us with the usual and inevitable deluge of leaves and the hard ground is now softening up nicely. Nicely for what exactly? Anyway I digress, too much caffeine again. Winter is the time when we must take care on the roads, our cars are invaluable to us out here in the countryside so lets all make sure that they are well maintained and that we allow extra time for journeys. In particular may I make an appeal to all those Mums and Dads participating in the school run. Steady ladies and gents, before umbrage is taken let me explain. I attend Parish council meetings whenever I can so that the villagers can tell me what I can do to make our lives even better out here. Overwhelmingly the number one complaint is the speed of traffic travelling through our villages. When I ask when would be the best time to appear brandishing my speed detection kit the answer is unwaveringly unanimous. ‘The worse time is the school run’, they say, ‘the school run?’ I say, ‘Yes indeed the school run’ they say. Apparently everyone appears to be late, or at least attempting not to be late. Now I have taken issue with this particular claim as this year I too became part of the ‘school run’. I understand that sometimes little people don’t understand the need for speed at home and that breakfast is something to be taken slowly whilst talking nonsense about aeroplanes and cars and whales and fish and generally being slow at everything. I know that when it’s time to clean teeth and get dressed it seems to prompt all sorts of tomfoolery resulting in having to be dressed by force on occasion, all done whilst roaring with laughter. All this leads me to one request. By all means be frantic and impatient and shout and rush around at home getting your little monkey ready for school but once you get into your car, stop, relax, take a deep breath and let calmness envelope you. Once you are in your car it will take a certain time to drive to school whether you drive like a maniac or not. The difference will be negligible, if there is a difference. Drive carefully and with consideration for other people and remember you are carrying the most precious cargo known to mankind.


I recently had to drive to Northumberland with a friend. We had to call at an address in Hull, one near Newcastle and then a final destination 40 miles south of Edinburgh, now that is nearly in Scotland. Our return journey took us to a remote farm in Cumbria before we could head home. It was a 960 mile round trip and would have taken a lot longer without the help of the Satellite Navigation system that we had onboard. I had previously been sceptical about ‘Sat Navs’ - what is wrong with a map? However I am now converted, what a fantastic tool, it made a long trip much easier than it would have been. So why tell you about what I do in my spare time. This month I wrote about the theft of two ‘Sat Navs’. They had been stolen from two cars parked in Tisbury. Two cars that had been left not only with the ‘Sat Navs’ on display but they had also been left unlocked. Neither car has a ‘Sat Nav’ in it now due to a light fingered opportunist thief. No doubt many of you will have satellite navigation systems on your Christmas list this year, I know I have. My request has already been logged with Mrs S, a ‘Sat Nav’ please…….. a big shiny one, with lots of buttons.
So 2008 is going to be the year of the stolen ‘Sat Nav’. Unless, that is, you have other ideas?




2nd 1127hrs Chicksgrove. 2 car minor accident. / 4th 2153hrs Norton Ferris. Car into wall, man arrested on suspicion of drink driving. / 5th 1417hrs A303 Willoughby Hedge. 3 car shunt, minor injuries. / 5th 1418hrs A303 Charnage Hill. 2 car collision. / 5th 2202hrs A350 Semley. Car overturned. / 6th 0414hrs B3092 Mere. Car off the road into a ditch. 8th 0739hrs A350 East Knoyle. 2 Cars minor injuries. / 16th 0848hrs A350 Hart Hill. Several minor collisions due to fuel spillage on the road. / 28th 1215hrs A30 Fovant. 2 cars collided. / 30th 1955hrs Semley (back road). Car off road into a ditch.



PCs Mark Steele & Mark Littlewood and PCSO Kim Thick

1st Two men draped tyres around a speed camera on the A303 at Chicklade, filled them with petrol and set fire to them. They were caught on CCTV, enquiries continue.
2nd House burgled in Tisbury. Jewellery stolen.
3rd Seven sheep stolen from a field near Tisbury.
5th House broken into in Hindon, jewellery stolen.
6th 14yr old girl assaulted by two other girls in Tisbury.
11th Staddle stone stolen from outside a Chilmark house.
12th Car broken into overnight in Donhead St Mary, set of golf clubs stolen.
13th Property damaged and threats made in Swallowcliffe over an alleged debt. 2 people arrested.
18th Scrap metal stolen from a yard on the A30 at Swallowcliffe.
19th A plastic spade was stolen from an equestrian yard at Tollard Royal. Offenders were disturbed by staff.
19th Shed broken into on the Ashmore Estate, oil poured over two vehicles when nothing was available to be nicked. They get angry when there’s nothing to steal!
23rd Two Tisbury youngsters arrived in Tisbury by taxi and legged it without paying. They have since been tracked down and dealt with….no they are not in prison.
26th Two UNLOCKED cars in Tisbury were entered by a thief. Two Sat Nav sytems, a car stereo and a badminton bat were stolen. Locks are there for a reason!
28th Hooligans in a car drove over wooden posts onto a football field at Charlton then rallied round the pitch causing damage. One very unamused groundsman.
29th Milk stolen from the back of a milk float in Tisbury.
30th Car in Donhead St Andrew broken into, wallet and Sat Nav system stolen.
30th Van broken into in Tisbury, tools stolen.
30th Speed camera detection kit stolen from a car in Donhead St Andrew.

PC Richard Salter and PCSO Mike Tryhorn

6th Peugeot van stolen overnight from Mere.
14th Insecure garage in Zeals entered by thieves, various tools stolen.
15th Diesel siphoned from a car in Mere.
16th Van drove into a farmyard near Maiden Bradley. They broke into a barn and a tractor but were disturbed by the farmer. When he challenged him they assaulted him and legged it on foot across fields leaving the van behind. They were then picked up in a taxi and taken to Frome where they ran off without paying.
17th Workshop broken into in East Knoyle. A quantity of power tools were taken but they were later found dumped in the garden.
17th Shed broken into in Donhead St Andrew garden power tools stolen.
18th Pressure washer stolen from an insecure farm building in Maiden Bradley.
19th Damage caused to the front door of a house in Mere by a drunk man repeatedly kicking it. He has been dealt with and has repaired the damage.
22nd Thieves stole a pressure washer from a stable yard in East Knoyle.
22nd A hydraulic Breaker (no I don’t know what it is) was stolen from a farmyard near Mere.
26th Thief stole a trailer board and number plate from a trailer and siphoned fuel from the towing vehicle. They were parked at the side of the A303 near Mere.
29th Four boys (under 14yrs old) assaulted another young boy in Zeals. They are all known and are being dealt with.
30th Thieves attempted to steal a van parked in Semley overnight. Steering lock damaged.
30th Cottage broken into in Maiden Bradley. Electrical items and jewellery stolen.




How do you contact us?

E-mail is best – mark.steele@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk or Richard.salter@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk. However I appreciate that lots of people don’t have access to e-mail. If you do ring 0845 408 7000 you could also ask the person answering to send us an e-mail asking that we contact you. It’s your choice. Remember, if you don’t tell us what the problems are we have no chance of solving them.


Wiltshire Police 0845 408 7000 24 hour number
Community Mobile - non emergencies 07966 818046

CRIMESTOPPERS 0800-555-111.

If anyone has any information about any of the above listed crimes please give us a ring. Your help could lead to the apprehension of offenders or the recovery of property. If you would prefer to pass information anonymously (rewards are available) ring CRIMESTOPPERS.

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