Police bulletin... an update from the Tisbury & Mere department of the Wiltshire Constabulary.
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Community Bulletin
September 2007
Produced at Tisbury by PC Mark Steele.



Being a Police Officer or a Police Community Support Officer has it’s frustrations. We are all human beings albeit doing a somewhat unusual job. We read reports in the media about Police not doing this and not doing that and of course we also see the reports criticising what we do do. Sometimes I feel that we just can’t win. We wear a uniform and as such we stick out, we are the focus of attention wherever we go. Believe me you can’t hide dressed like that.

I was standing in Tisbury High Street not long ago directing traffic for a church service when a man, I have no idea who he was walked up to me and said in a loud and angry voice “It’s no good you being here you should have been about at 3 o’clock in the morning when my bikes were nicked” It was apparent to him that it was all my fault.

Not long ago I was on the A303 having stopped the westbound traffic because a serious accident had occurred ahead and paramedics and fire crews were battling to save someone’s life. The road was completely blocked with Ambulances, Fire engines, bits of cars and several casualties and witnesses. Several motorists had felt the need to get out of their cars, walk up to me and berate me about why I had closed the road. Apparently it was all my fault that they were going to be delayed on their journey.

Recently a woman came to the Police Station to report an accident that had occurred nearby the previous week. She was angry that we had refused to come out of the Police Station and deal with it at the time. It actually turned out that we weren’t even on duty that day but somehow it was still our fault.

So what’s the point of me telling you this? Sympathy? No, not required. A wish for people to understand a bit more about life on the beat? Well that might help. I’m getting fed up with being blamed for everything


I spent last night Policing the Tisbury Carnival and thought I would share my views as a Police Officer; they are quite revealing.
The carnival was well attended and most people were very well behaved, enjoying the night for what it was, a family occasion. There were three Police officers and two PCSOs in attendance and we spoke to a lot of people. Firstly can I say that the good people of Tisbury were indeed very good. We had no problems with any Tisbury residents. Sure some groups were a little loud towards the end of the night but it was all good natured and those who were asked to keep the noise down or advised about their behaviour took heed. There were also a number of people who travelled out from Salisbury on the train, again no complaint from us about their behaviour. The story takes a downward turn when we mention some of the young people that visited Tisbury from Gillingham on both Friday and Saturday nights. On both nights we had to shepherd drunk, foulmouthed, aggressive, unruly groups down to the station and wait whilst they caught the train back to Gillingham. I’m not saying every young person from Gillingham behaved like a hooligan but believe me out of the 30 or so that came, most of them were not behaving in a very pleasant manner. Just thought that I would set the record straight lest anyone thought our local youngsters were to blame. As for the young people (and not so young people) of Tisbury, well done and thank you. It was a good night.





1st 1308hrs Hindon Lane, Tisbury. Car v lorry, no injuries.
1st 1512hrs A303 Chicklade. 4 car shunt, no injuries.
2nd 1100hrs Newtown. Car crashed, subject of theft, minor injuries.
2nd 1620hrs A303 Zeals. Car left road into ditch.
2nd 2206hrs B3095 Mere to Gillingham. 2 cars minor injuries.
4th 1617hrs A303/A350. 3 car shunt no injuries.
5th 2245hrs A350 East Knoyle. Car crashed, burned to a crisp, driver nowhere to be seen.
13th 2305hrs A30 Donhead St Andrew. 3 car collision. The driver of one of the cars, a Polish man, died from his injuries.
15th 1042hrs A350 Sedgehill turning. 2 cars head-on, minor injuries.
15th 1209hrs Tisbury to Chilmark road. 2 cars, minor injuries.
15th 1847hrs A303 Keysley Down. 2 cars no injuries.
16th 0957hrs A303 Chicklade. 4 car shunt, no injuries.
18th 1917hrs B3092 Maiden Bradley to Frome. 2 cars no injuries.
20th 1427hrs Pettridge Lane, Mere. Car into a fence.
26th 0801hrs Jobbers Lane, Tisbury. Car into fence. Driver nowhere to be seen.
27th 2045hrs Btn Ludwell and Tollard Royal. 2 cars, no injuries.
29th 1147hrs B3092 Mere. Van v lorry, no injuries.



PCs Mark Steele & Mark Littlewood and PCSO Kim Thick

2nd Car taken without the owners consent from an address in Tisbury. Car was then crashed nearby.
4th Car broken into near Berwick St John, handbag stolen…………..I know, I know, I’m calm.
6th Horsebox stolen from field near Berwick St Johnt.
12th Car door locks tampered with in Ludwell.
13th Window smashed at business premises in Tisbury.
13th Damage caused to gate and hedge at Tisbury.
14th 16yr old boy assaulted by 15yr old boy in Tisbury.
17th Man arrested in Tisbury after he assaulted his wife.
19th Car stolen from car park in Tisbury. Keys had been left in the boot. Car found crashed near Tisbury.
23rd Thief stole a shotgun from the rear of a car near Tisbury. Gun had been secured in the car..
24th Burglary at Chicklade garage. Cash stolen.
24th Window in Tisbury smashed by thrown rock.
28th Window smashed at Tisbury Doctors surgery.
30th Man assaulted by group of young people in Tisbury.
31st Cash stolen from office drawer in Hindon
31st Window at the Remembrance Hall, Charlton smashed by a thrown ston .

PC Richard Salter and PCSO Mike Tryhorn

6th Car stolen from North road, Mere. The thieves put the car onto the back of a flat bed lorry and drove off with it.
7th White Sheet Hill, Kilmington. Car broken into property stolen.
8th Car broken into at Mere Down. HANDBAG stolen…………grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!
15th Shed broken into in Kilmington, shed alarm activated nothing stolen.
16th Car taken without the owners consent. 5 young people arrested in Mere.
18th Car broken into in Water Street, Mere, property stolen.
20th public bench damaged in Zeals.
22nd Number plate stolen from a car in Denes Avenue, Mere.
26th White Sheet Hill, Kilmington. Car broken into and handbag stolen. I give up.
28th Man assaulted after dispute in Zeals.
31st Property stolen from a house in Zeals. Door was left unlocked it is thought the thief just walked in .




How do you contact us?

E-mail is best – mark.steele@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk or Richard.salter@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk. However I appreciate that lots of people don’t have access to e-mail. You could drop a note in at Tisbury or Mere Police Station using the old fashioned pen and paper method or you could try phoning us on 0845 408 7000 extension 746815 (Tisbury) or 749817 (Mere). The only problem with phoning is that we do not sit in the Police Station perched on the edge of our seats waiting for the phone to ring so it could be that the phone will just ring. If you do ring 0845 408 7000 you could also ask the person answering to send us an e-mail asking that we contact you. It’s your choice. Remember, if you don’t tell us what the problems are we have no chance of solving them.


Wiltshire Police 0845 408 7000 24 hour number


Monday, Saturday & Sunday - CLOSED.
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday- 9.00am to 1.00pm. Thursday- 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 0930hrs until 1230hrs. Friday from 1600hrs until 1900hrs.
Saturday from 0800hrs until 1100hrs.Thursday and Sunday – CLOSED.

24 HOUR NUMBER 01380-735735. CRIMESTOPPERS 0800-555-111.


If anyone has any information about any of the above listed crimes please give us a ring at Tisbury or Mere. Your help could lead to the apprehension of offenders or the recovery of property. If you would prefer to pass information anonymously (rewards are available) ring CRIMESTOPPERS.

CONTROL ROOM 01722-411444
CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111


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