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The Swallowcliffe Society was formed in 2001 to support and promote interest in the history and natural history of our village. It emerged from a successful Millennium project which included an embroidered village map (displayed in the village hall), a flora and fauna survey and historical research. Margaret Staniforth and Ralph Husband had published a collection of papers in the previous year, under the name of the Swallowcliffe History Group. They became the founding members of the new society,

Members were, and still are, encouraged to research and record a range of local interests and further publications have followed. An archive of this material and several old maps are stored in the village hall. Members have access to the files by contacting a Committee Member.

If anyone is researching family, or other history, related to Swallowcliffe we will use the archive to assist. Please see the contact details below.

Swallowcliffe is a small south Wiltshire village with a population of less than 200. As an agricultural community, it has an ancient history and the Saxon Swealawanclif Charter dates from 940AD. From the 12th century, the church was a prebend of the Dean of Salisbury.

For nearly 200 years it was part of the Earls of Pembroke estates. Over the last 100 years, Swallowcliffe has experienced great social change, leaving few people employed on the land. Change is inevitable but Swallowcliffe is still a special place for many people. The Society has over 40 members who are invited to attend a number of talks and outings during the year with an Annual General Meeting in each autumn.


Some of our publications


1, "Charters and Churches of Swallow cliffe". 2, "Aspects of the History and Natural history of Swallowcliffe". 3, "Swallowcliffe Before the Norman Conquest". 4, parts 1&2 "A Sculptor in Swallowcliffe" Forthcoming volumes, " Swallowcliffe Enclosures". "The London Elm, Place and People".

On the left, the original 12th century St Peter's Church, demolished about 1843, and its very similar replacement, the current St Peter's, built at that time.

Castle Ditches hillfort with the details of the survey made by English Heritage, and a concept of the Iron Age huts once there.
A 7thC "handbag brooch" from Swallowcliffe Downs, and a view of the village from there.


Swallowcliffe in 1891 by Barry Williamson

The annual subscription is due at the time of the AGM, when accounts for the year are published. To encourage wide support, our membership subscription is kept low at £3 per couple or £2 for a single member. AFFILIATIONS The Swallowcliffe Society has group membership of the Wiltshire Buildings Record and the Wiltshire Local History Forum.



View the Swallowcliffe diary for the latest activities

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