Swallowcliffe walks & tours... discover the village on foot.
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Print this page (portrait A4 format) as a guide for the walk.

Walk #1 - Swallowcliffe - Ansty Tour
Time: 1-2 hours

START at POINT 1 (ST 965 271)
The Royal Oak Inn in the centre of the village. Initially, there are two ways you can go... either turn right signposted Tisbury or straight down the footpath. Only use this first footpath if the ground is dry as it gets very muddy at the Ansty end. For the purposes of this description we will go north-west signposted to Tisbury.

Walk past St. Peters Church on your right and up the hill until you see a marked footpath just before the last 2 houses in Swallowcliffe. Turn left down the footpath and continue until you reach the road. Turn left until you get to the next road junction where you should turn right. On your right you will see the Saw Mill. You must follow this road (Kings Lane) all the way around it's twist and turns until you reach a T-junction. Turn left at this junction and head towards POINT 2.

POINT 2 (ST 951 265)
You will see a farm track to your right. Follow this path which takes you through some woods and over a hill via a few stiles and through a field of horses. Eventually you will get to the A30 and New Barn Farm. Cross the A30 by the polo field and walk down its west side. Head south down Shave Lane and at the foot of the hill turn left.

POINT 3 (ST 962 249)
Climb the steep hill to the Here Path (POINT 3 - a green lane) which was the Old Shaftesbury to Salisbury Road. Turn left and walk for 3/4 mile on the ridge. There will be a path diagonally off to your left which you should take back down from the ridge (steep!) through a corn field. Head north until you reach the A30 (POINT 4) but do not cross it.


POINT 4 (ST 967 264)
Turn right onto a permitted path which follows the A30 and continue until you see the 'triangle' at the middle entry to Swallowcliffe village. Cross the road and walk into the village with the Old Post Office on your right.

Keep left along this road until you reach the triangle near the Royal Oak Inn. Enjoy!

NOTE: You may wish to divert to the Ansty Pond, where on the road junction you will see the tallest maypole in Europe