Swallowcliffe walks & tours... discover the village on foot.
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Print this page (portrait A4 format) as a guide for the walk.

To use the map references given in this walk, please use an Ordnance Survey Map, Explorer 118 (Shaftesbury and Cranborne Chase, Poole, Wimborne Minster and Blandford Forum)

Walk #4 - Swallowcliffe Woods
Time: 45 minutes

Start at the Royal Oak pub. If facing the pub, begin by heading left and taking the first left which leads up to Swallowcliffe village hall (ST 965 272). Follow the road around as it bears left. At this point leave the track and follow the footpath up the hill.

Once at the top of the hill you can walk along the bridleway which will lead you around the edge of the woods. Follow this all the way around the edge of the woods and continue down the hill. The bridleway will then meet with a footpath (ST 959 279), take this and it will continue to take you round the edge of the wood

This footpath will eventually lead you back to the track which will bear right and take you to the village hall. From here you can follow the way you came back to the pub and have a well deserved pint.